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Peter’s Gallery offers bespoke fine art services and products. Whether you are an individual collector, an art lover, an artist or a corporation, we spend time getting to know every client and their individual needs, tailoring each relationship accordingly.

Fine Art   |   Framing

Peter’s Gallery’s Advisory will thoughtfully pair you with what animates your collection and how best to enhance its quality, while ensuring that any transaction is to your financial advantage. At the same time, you will have our team at your disposal. Whatever you require—from insider access to desired works, shipping & logistics—we will take care of every detail.

Collection Development
Developing a tailored vision and strategic plan; guiding acquisition and potential sales; objective recommendations and preferred access to works across the spectrum of the art market. Help with privately sourcing and selling works of art, providing time, flexibility, and discretion.

Collection Management
Cataloguing and collection database; coordination of shipping, framing and restoration; appraisal services for insurance or taxation and auction estimates.

For inquiries please contact us. For an item estimate kindly use our online form.

Peter’s Gallery’s Valuations provide bespoke inventories and appraisals which are recognised by financial institutions and insurance brokers.

We tailor each valuation around the collector and the collection, working with single items through to large multi-category collections. Our expertise in the art market allows us to offer the highest level of service with the strictest policy of confidentiality for private collections and corporations.

Working remotely and in the office, we continue to provide valuations in a digital format. Our team is available to produce draft valuation documents on receipt of detailed information and high-resolution images and provide updated figures for collections previously valued by Peter’s Gallery. With all our specialist and production team working remotely and in the office, we can initiate the valuation process with in-person and virtual inspections.

Our valuation services, as outlined above, also include:

– Estimates for Sale (Private Agreement and Auction)
– Valuations for Collection Management Purposes
– Taxation Valuations (Inheritance, Estate, Donation, Gift and Capital Gains Tax)
– Valuations for Family Division
– Valuations for Insurance Purposes

If you wish to sell with Peter’s Gallery please access our free and easy-to-use online valuation service. You only need to provide some information and upload images from your phone or laptop. Our specialists will review your submission and issue preliminary estimates for your items. Click here to get started.

To learn more about all our valuation services and how we can assist you, please contact us directly by phone or by email.

We assist our audience of collectors to buy and sell works outside the traditional auction calendar, offering the freedom to collect works any day of the year.

Our deep knowledge of the local market allows us to fulfil almost every collector’s needs. We advise on building your collection, selling valued works, and sourcing specific objects by request.

Selling Privately
We determine the best approach to sell, and establish the right exposure to the market, working with our network of collectors to connect you with prospective buyers.

Bespoke, Confidential Arrangements
We tailor arrangements to suit your requirements and provide price control with a fixed, mutually agreed fee. With strong, growing interest from our community of collectors, our Private Sales is the official platform to buy and sell with confidence.

At your Convenience
Our gallery, online platform and personal consultations provide year-round access, allowing you to buy and sell with ease, whenever you wish.

Contact us
today and discover how we can assist your collecting needs.

With minimal invasion employing the most advanced materials and techniques to restore an artworkEstablished in 1973, the fine art conservation services at Peter’s Gallery has a long history of preserving works of art. The painting conservation team treat works of art from all periods from Old Masters to Contemporary.

The original intent of the artist is first and foremost. We are committed to the preservation of art using principles of minimal invasion employing the most advanced materials and techniques. All materials utilized offer long-term stability and are compatible with the original artwork.

Offered Treatments
– Cleaning – removal of dirt, grime, discolored varnish, smoke damage, nicotine, mold and mildew.

– Relining – to strengthen torn or rotten canvas and repair tears, rips, and holes.

– Varnish – to seal and protect your precious artwork.

– Frame Restoration – repair, recast and refinish.

– Stretcher Bars – standard, heavy duty, custom sizes. Remounting the canvas to restore the item’s correct level and surface tension.

Peter’s Gallery’s experts have 50 years of experience in restoring and conserving artworks and can meet your needs with museum-quality care.

Contact us directly by phone, email or submit your Estimation Request using our online form  for further information. Learn more about fine art restoration here.

With 50 years of experience, Peter’s Gallery is uniquely qualified to handle your art. Specializing in packing, and transportation services, our seasoned experts will ensure that your artworks are handled with care.

Packing and Crating
Our staff can safely pack or crate single pieces or large collections for storage or for shipment.

Peter’s Gallery provides a local shuttle service for the Republic of Cyprus. Our transit vehicle is staffed with drivers experienced in art handling.

Peter’s Gallery’s can arrange expert delivery and convenient shipping of your property. We offer exceptional service and competitive rates. We will compile a full range of services for you, including collection, packing and arranging for shipping worldwide. For sales in Cyprus, simply provide us with your delivery address when you register for a sale. Following your purchase from our online auctions, we will offer a complimentary delivery within Limassol limits, and for other areas in Cyprus we will send you a competitive white-glove delivery quote or dispatch your property with your preferred courier service. 

To learn more, or if we may be of assistance contact us.

Peter’s Gallery represents talented artists from around the world and has been a supporting platform for emerging artists in the exciting and challenging area of the local art market. Through strenuous and proactive publicity and promotional efforts Peter’s Gallery offers artists the opportunity to present their work to our growing audience of collectors.

Gallery representation is offered to talented artists at every stage of their career, who benefit from showing their work in a vibrant market. Acceptance is granted only to those whose work qualifies, on the basis of a portfolio review carried out by Peter’s Gallery.

To submit your portfolio you require to send the following:

– 3-5 images of each of your artworks via email or by completing the online form for each item. We can also retrieve information on your body of work from your website – please email us the exact address.

– The title, medium and dimensions of each artwork you submit. Kindly send one item at a time when using the online form.

– A short biography in English (PDF) with information about yourself and your goals.

We invite you to learn more about how we work with artists here.

Fine Art   |   Framing


Bring your art and get recommendations based on your style and art.

Frame Just About Anything

Art, prints, photographs, documents, t-shirts, objects & anything with depth.

Art & Frame Restoration

Restore and repair works of art and frames.


Upload your photographs and print your favourite art, pictures, illustrations and make them last.

Framing for

Dedicated support and special benefits for retail, hospitality, and corporate framing.

Free Design Assistance

Visit us and work with a Designer to select the best frame for your project.

The Peter's Art & Frames Difference

Clear, Affordable Prices

Simple pricing based on the size of your art.

Easy Ways to Frame

Stop by a store location and get expert assistance.

Quality Craftsmanship

Every frame is built by experts at our workshop using premium materials.

Work with us in person

Stop by a store near you to preview our frame styles in person, get 1-on-1 design assistance, and place your order in minutes.

Need help with something else?

Visit a store near you to browse frame styles, get expert designer help or drop off your art. If you have any questions—email, text, or call our team for further assistance.

Explore fine art at Peter's Gallery

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Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity is essential to identify and attest to an artwork's genuineness and provenance. Peter's Gallery issues a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany every piece from our collection.

Symbols Definition

†  The single dagger symbol indicates these items will be sold under the 19% VAT standard rate on the hammer price.

‡ The double dagger symbol indicates these items will be sold under the 5% VAT reduced rate on the hammer price. For more information on the reduction, please see our announcement.

Ω The Omega symbol indicates these items are VAT exempt on hammer price; 19% VAT applies to premium.

#  The hash symbol indicates 19% VAT applies only to buyer’s premium.

The diamond symbol indicates 19% VAT applies to hammer price and buyer’s premium.

△  The triangle symbol indicates there is no reserve price in place.

☐ The square symbol indicates there is a reserve price.

The VAT and Buyer’s Premium will be applied on the checkout page.

This guide explains how the total purchase price is calculated.

• View the glossary of terms to familiarise yourself with the language of auctions.

• Read the auction Terms & Conditions in English and Greek for more.

• Visit the FAQ page for further assistance.

Portfolio Submission

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– Please include prices if you have established prices for your artwork. If you do not have established prices and are not certain of how to price your work, the gallery team will assist represented artists with pricing; this assistance is offered as part of Peter’s Gallery representation.

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Effective May 2024, Peter’s Gallery has lowered its VAT rates from 19% to 5% for all categories excluding Silkscreen prints & Poster prints. Please refer to our announcement and our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Lot Prices

Please note that Lot prices listed on this page are exclusive of the Buyer’s Premium, of any applicable taxes and costs, unless otherwise noted.

Auction closing times

Lots will close at their scheduled time unless a bid is placed within five minutes of a Lot’s scheduled closing time, in which case we will extend the sale of that Lot by five minutes.

The extension of any Lot’s closing time does not affect any other Lot’s closing time; therefore, it is possible that Lots will close out of the announced auction ending time. Lots may extend for up to two hours to accommodate competitive bidding.



Unsold artworks from the latest auction are now available for purchase at their starting price for a limited time. The Aftersale offers a second chance for unclaimed items to find their new collector. They can be viewed on this page under the ‘Aftersale‘ label or by visiting the gallery.

For a direct view of the Aftersale items only, you can browse them here.

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The secondary art market

The term “secondary market” refers to art that has been sold at least once before. In simpler terms, the secondary market deals with resale, typically with artworks by artists who have a substantial reputation. For example, most artworks sold through auction houses form part of the secondary market.

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Secure Transaction

Peter’s Gallery is committed to protecting your personal information and securing our computer systems.

We consider the confidentiality of your personal information to be important and we use SSL, the newest and most recent standard security technology to safeguard your transactions and data from manipulation, destruction, or access by unauthorized persons and to prevent unauthorized disclosure.


Buyer's Premium & VAT

The total purchase price is calculated, in short, as such:

Hammer Price + Buyer’s Premium (12%) + *VAT (5% or 19%)

The Buyer’s Premium is added to the Hammer Price (winning bid) and is included as part of the total Purchase Price payable by the successful Bidder. In an Online Auction conducted by Peter’s Gallery, the Buyer’s Premium rate is as follows: 12% of the Hammer Price of any amount. 

*Value Added Tax (VAT) applies as follows: artworks are taxed at a reduced rate of five percent (5%) (‡ symbol) or nineteen percent (19%) († symbol) on the hammer price, depending on the item. For items marked with the Omega symbol (Ω), the hammer price is exempt from VAT. A nineteen percent (19%) VAT applies to the Buyer’s Premium for all items, regardless of the symbol.

The VAT and Buyer’s Premium will be applied on the checkout page.

Familiarise yourself with the auction terms by reading the Auction Glossary.

Read the auction Terms & Conditions in English and Greek here.

Visit the FAQ page for more.

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After entering your offer price, you will receive a reply within two (2) business days, letting you know if your offer was accepted or countered.

The email will include payment instructions. Be advised items are not put on hold and will remain available for purchase until your transaction is completed.

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