34 Artworks on Auction

The auction has concluded. Thank you for your participation. Won lots are now being processed.

The Aftersale is now on until Saturday, September 25, 2021.

About the Aftersale: Unsold artworks from the latest online auction are offered at their starting price via private sale and online. See the works available for immediate purchase, online and at the gallery.

Closure times are subject to change.

If a bid is placed within 5 minute of a Lot’s scheduled end time, then the sale of that Lot will extend by 5 minutes from the time of the last bid. More in Terms page.

  1. Our Terms and Conditions has been updated to accomodate one more way of applying the Value Added Tax (VAT) – Now, for some lots, VAT will apply over the Buyer’s Premium only.

    Lots will carry symbols, under the lot’s title, noting how the VAT will apply. The # symbol means VAT applies only to buyer’s premium. The ♦︎ symbol means VAT applies to hammer price and buyer’s premium. Thesymbol means there is no reserve price – Look under the Lot title.

Exhibit information


Peter’s Gallery. Limassol

September 10-18, 2021

Monday – Saturday

10:00 – 13:00, 16:00 – 18:30

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