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Buying Basics

The Peter’s Gallery experienced staff will guide you through a simple and seamless buying process: from selecting a work, to placing a successful bid, to shipping your purchase. Collectors rely on Peter’s Gallery to understand current trends and acquire pieces that have lasting value, allowing you to bid with confidence. View glossary of terms to familiarise yourself with the language of auctions.

> Watch the short video on how to bid online at


Three ways to find out what’s for sale:

1. Browse our e-catalogues on from your computer or mobile device.
2. Visit our pre-sale exhibitions, which are open to the public at our gallery in Limassol, Cyprus.
3. Register to receive e-mail alerts so that you never miss a sale in your area of interest. Register here.


Register to Bid

Online Registration
You also may register on by selecting +Register from the navigation menu at the top of the page. Simply complete your registration application at any time prior to the auction.

If you require further assistance while registering to bid, please contact Peter’s Gallery using the contact information below:

+357 25 384804,

Place Your Bid
– Online

Participate in real time via the Peter’s Gallery online bidding platform.

For live in-room auctions:

In-Person Registration
To register in person to bid at the sale location before the auction begins, you will need to create an account and provide a government-issued proof of identity such as a driver’s license or passport. A bank reference may also be required. You will also have the opportunity to record your communication details (email or post) and shipping preferences (collect or ship).

– Telephone

Register to Telephone Bid with a Peter’s Gallery representative who will call you during the auction.

– Absentee

Submit an Absentee Bid and allow the auctioneer to execute this on your behalf.

If your bid is successful, our team will be happy to assist with payment, as well as the collection or shipment of your purchase.

Pay for Your Purchase

Successful bidders may pay on the day of the auction, immediately after buying. Otherwise, our team will send you an invoice and any shipping quote according to your pre-sale preference. The final amount due will include the hammer price , the buyer’s premium and local taxes. 

Buyers may pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash (subject to any restrictions and legal limits). Certain credit cards are accepted, but please contact Peter’s Gallery directly for detailed information. Payment must be sent from the invoiced party, rather than from a third party. See our Terms & Conditions (GR).


Receive Your Property

The Peter’s Gallery team can arrange shipping and convenient delivery of your purchases based on your choice of courier service.

Selling Basics

The Peter’s Gallery knowledgable staff will be delighted to guide you through the entire auction process. Once we determine that your property is appropriate for sale at auction, our team will establish estimates, catalogue your property and market it to prospective buyers. View our glossary of terms to familiarise yourself with the language of auctions.


Discover What Your Property Is Worth

Please email us and provide information and photographs of your property. In some cases, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to gather further details. You may also make an appointment to bring your property to the our gallery.


Pricing and Payment

The seller’s contract sets the reserve price and the seller’s commission. For sold lots, Peter’s Gallery will send payment within 35 days from the sale date, provided we are in receipt of the buyer’s payment. Your payment will be based on the hammer price less a commission and any agreed-upon expenses. If bidding on your item fails to reach the reserve price, we will not sell the piece at auction. Some consignors choose to take back their work(s), while others decide to offer it in a later auction or through a private sale at our gallery. Together, we will determine the best course of action. Peter’s Gallery will recommend the best type of sale to achieve the highest price for your property and the most suitable time to sell.

How to Bid Online

> Watch the short video on how to bid online at

> Read the Tips and Advice on online bidding by Petros Michaelides, Peter’s Gallery co-founder and director.

Browse an auction on  We encourage you to contact our team. All property in the auction is available for viewing in our exhibitions or by appointment.

Place a bid through from the start of the auction until the lot closes. See below for how to bid in our online only auctions. Please contact us should you need any assistance.

Watch your bids! If you are outbid in an online auction, you will be notified with a display message on top of the users page. 

After your lot has closed, you will be notified on the auction and lot detail pages as well as via email. If you are the winning bidder, you will receive an invoice shortly after the auction including your total charges along with payment instructions via email and/or phone call.


Bidding Steps

Select the lots you wish to bid on and place your maximum bid (also known as automatic / proxy bidding). You will be asked to either log in or create a new account (if you’re not already logged in). You automatically accept the Terms & Conditions by registering and taking part in the auction. You can bid manually, meaning one bid at a time or use automatic bidding. The Peter’s Gallery auctioning system provides proxy bidding (also known as automatic bidding). The platform will place incremental bids on your behalf up to the maximum amount specified. Take a look at our glossary guide to get familiar with auction terms.

Here is an example to understand the implementation of proxy bidding;

If you, Bidder A, place an automated bid of €1,000 by typing “1000” in the price box then clicking the “Place Bid” button next to it, then the system will bid for you at the lowest price possible, and never for more than the maximum bid amount you indicate. Now, if Bidder B places a bid of €1,100, a higher bid than your maximum, then immediate outbidding will occur. Also, if you place a bid and then you see it is outbid immediately (automatically shown in the bidding table in every lot page, under the images) then it is certain another bidder is using proxy bidding and has his or her maximum amount more than your current bid. In this case, you need to bid higher until you have surpassed the other user’s maximum bidding amount.

The closing time noted at the right side of every lot of the auction indicates when the lot will begin to close. As the auction closes the lot closing time will be extended by five minutes if a bid is placed within the final five minutes minute before the lot’s scheduled closing time. Lots may extend for up to two hours to accommodate competitive bidding.

AUCTION GLOSSARY can be found here.

Familiarise your self with the auction terms;

Maximum Bid

Your maximum bid is the highest amount you would like to bid for a lot. It will be executed by Peter’s Gallery online system at the lowest price possible, and never for more than the maximum bid amount you indicate. Please note that if two clients enter the same maximum bid, the bid which was entered first will have priority.

The bidding platform will automatically place incremental bids on your behalf against any competition up to the maximum bid you have placed. The bidding platform will execute bids beginning at the lowest increment. If your maximum bid is outbid by another client, you will be alerted on .cy if you are logged in, via email for a chance to increase your bid. While you can always return to the auction and increase your bid by single increments, we encourage you to take advantage of the maximum bid feature in the event you may be unable to return to your desired lot when the live auction begins.

Starting Bids

Each lot has a starting bid, which is the lowest possible bid you can place on a lot.You may bid at or above the starting bid (see above for how to place a Maximum Bid). Please note that leaving a bid at the starting bid may not necessarily mean you have met the reserve, though you will be notified if you are the leading bidder or have been outbid.

My Active Bids

Once you have left a bid in an auction, you can view that bid and any other active bids at your account page here , which can be found at the top navigation bar of the auction site, in a dynamic button called ‘User Access” then choose “Bids / Auctions” from the dropdown menu. This shows the status of all your active bids. 


+357 25 384804

Auction Basics

An ancient and elementary form of commerce, auctions have long been the best way to establish the value of unique and rare items. Today, modern innovations such as broadcasting sales over the Internet and accepting bids online in real time allow you to participate in our auctions from anywhere in the world.

View glossary of terms to familiarise yourself with the language of auctions.

Who can watch / take part in an auction?
All of Peter’s Gallery auctions are free and open to the public, and there is no obligation to bid and can watch our auctions online.

Who are the auctioneers at Peter’s Gallery?
Peter’s Gallery was established by Petros and Keti Michaelides in 1973. The company is family owned and works along trained professionals with decades of experience. The auctioneer initiates the online sale and then starting the bidding at a price that is lower than its reserve. The auctioneer acknowledges every bidder, whether they are in a salesroom, participating via the online platform or over the telephone. They also place bids on behalf of absentee bidders. The auctioneer, whose authority is final, determines when the highest bid has been made and declares the lot sold.

How does bidding work?
After the auctioneer starts the online bidding process, they will accept incrementally higher bids until a sole bidder remains. This final bidder purchases the lot. However, if the bidding fails to reach the reserve price, the lot will pass unsold.

What types of auctions does Peter’s Gallery hold?
Peter’s Gallery auctions generally comprise paintings, silkscreen prints, aquarelles, sketches, etchings, sculptures in sales dedicated to the local collectors.

The terms and conditions can be found here, in Greek.

The English version of the terms and conditions is available upon request.

Please contact +357 25 384804

Expertise at Peter’s Gallery

The Peter’s Gallery staff is committed in a lifelong project promoting fine art and they are unsurpassed in their depth of knowledge for the local art market and desire to assist clientele. Our team has decades of years of experience in this field and are skilled at determining the current value of fine art. Approachable and enthusiastic, every member of Peter’s Gallery staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the selling or buying process.

How may I contact a Peter’s Gallery representative?

If you need help buying or selling a specific work of art, start by emailing us or calling us at +357 25 384804 so we can help answer your questions. Alternatively, see our location to visit the gallery.

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