Restoration Specialist • Insurance Claims – repair damaged artwork (fire and smoke damage).

• Cleaning – removal of dirt, grime, discolored varnish, smoke damage, nicotine, mold and mildew.

• Relining – to strengthen torn or rotten canvas and repair tears, rips, and holes.

• Varnish- to seal and protect your precious artwork.

• Frame Restoration – repair, recast damage and refinish.

• Stretcher Bars – standard, heavy duty, custom sizes.

  1. Fine Art Crating – built to specification excellent shipping protection

That fragility of paintings is part of the beauty, and to preserve that fragile beauty requires a delicate hand, specialized skills and a passion for carrying the past down through generations.

We understand the importance of keeping heirlooms looking the way they are meant to look; we are not interested in tampering with the original beauty of a piece of art. Instead, we will use our art restoration skills and knowledge to erase the effects of time on a piece of artwork to bring out its prior splendor.

Having a piece of art restored can bring about many good things. It can make the piece more desirable to galleries and increase the cash value of your painting and perhaps even most importantly, it can allow you to fully enjoy your artwork without the distraction of age, with the removal of yellowing varnish or damage to the painting.

We treat your treasures with the care, sensitivity and professionalism your artwork deserves. More than just a business we have a passion for the artwork and for the preservation of art.

We offer individual, one-on-one attention with the utmost professionalism because we understand that entrusting your precious artwork to someone else can be difficult.

Peter’s Gallery Art Restoration Services can perform restorations, and appraisals for all kinds of clients including:



Federal Government


Auction Houses

Insurance Companies


And of course, the general public

Art Restoration Services can restore your painting to there original beauty even with a lifetime of neglect. If you don’t see what you need listed on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

With over 40 years experience our firm can provide you with the finest in Evaluations, Conservation, Restorations and Installation of Paintings and Picture Frames, in Cyprus.

Art Restoration Services